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About us

(Anhui Yaqi Litian Household Products Co., Ltd.) Anhui Litian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Lingyi High-tech Development Zone of Anhui Province and is one of the largest suppliers of plastic products solutions in China. The company integrates the design, development, manufacture and service of plastic products, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO24001: 1996 environmental management system certification.

The company has a total of 320 employees, and has a first-level management department such as president office, marketing center, production center, settlement center, and administrative center, and is divided into second- and third-level related work departments. The company mainly produces various kinds of PE, PET, PP plastic products and related ancillary products: bottle caps, tube blanks, pump heads, spray guns, etc. The products are widely used and serviced in petrochemical, environmental protection, medical and health, scientific research. , food and beverage, daily chemicals and other industries.

The company has been committed to providing sustainable plastic products solutions and research and development of industrially-owned plastic products to key customers, and continuously achieves long-term cooperation with customers through technological innovation, system innovation and ideological innovation. The company complies with national and local laws, regulations and other requirements and implements quality/environmental management system standards. In order to meet the various needs of customers, the company produces green and environmentally-friendly plastic products. The company controls the important environmental factors in the whole process of production and service, effectively uses energy and resources, and reduces the environmental impact of production activities.

Tiandao rewards diligence, authentic rewards, and humane rewards. Litian people sincerely invites people from all walks of life inside and outside the industry to warmly welcome you to visit and negotiate.